Monday, November 5, 2012

Time has come & gone

So Ben left this morning :( Today is the anniversary of when we had our first official date! We both feel this is a very important day and like to always remember the start. So many fabulous memories & moments have come all from that first day! I decided to get something a little quirky for my coffee loving husband. I put together some typography and had it printed onto a magic mug! when Ben first opened it to reveal a plain black mug he was a little lost and knew there was more to it. I told him he needed to put his morning coffee into it to see the secret message! He quickly rushed to turn on the coffee machine! He loved it and I thought it was just something cute and quirky perfect for the occasion :) 

The secret message;
While we are talking about present giving. If the mug wasn't enough I decided to put together a little care package which I often do for the day Ben leaves but he can't open it until I'm not around. This time I put together a tin of heart shaped mints with a little message on the inside saying " Making sure you're well stocked on your travels, like a good wife is MINT to. ❤ Fiona xoxo" 
Ben has trouble with his ears so he eats mints when the plane starts landing so they don't give him grief, another appropriate pressie :) 

Fiona xx

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