Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Nest

Ben & I have always referred to our home as "the nest" & I love it and think it is perfect. 
So this inspired my next little present for Ben :) I have told Ben to stay off the blog until our official anniversary coming up as I have finally taken photos of his present and I just HAVE to share!! Unfortunately he wont be home for our anniversary so I'm "sending love from the nest"

Its a personalized egg that contains a little message on the inside. You have to crack the egg open to get the note.. It's sooo adorable & appropriate. I've had it hidden for a while but I wanted to take pics and add a gift tag to the box before Ben comes back home, our anniversary is during the next time he's away so I will put it in a boring box and pop it in his luggage and he can open it on the day of our anniversary. I'm so excited and can't wait to give it to him :) I'm such a quirky gift giver hehehe! 

Well here it it :)
I purchased this from LittleOkins on Etsy and it arrived safe and in record time :) she has so many other wonderful designs and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have a few friends having babies soon so I will be heading back for more :) 

Anyways time to start dinner

Fiona xx

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