I am a wife & mother of three beautiful boys. In other words I'm a chef, a cleaner, a taxi-driver, a nurse, an interior designer, an events organizer, entertainer and sometimes even a handy man (which is often). On top of all that I'm a Jeweller/Jewellery Designer creating custom hand stamped jewellery which I make in my own home studio & sell online :) Did I mention I am also a sentimental fanatic collecting and keeping everything, a craft enthusiast, a creative soul, a huge Pinterest addict & I enjoy all the little things in life.

The love of my life has swapped the military to work away in the mines, so without him things can definitely be a challenge. We are still working on how to balance our relationship when we are apart even more now that our family has expanded, it has its moments but we are learning. 

This blog is my little corner of the world; – a place to escape and report on the sweet, sweet moments that are observed from where I'm Sitting. Sure, my perspective is a bit skewed and my pretty little corner is actually covered in laundry and baby poop but for just a few moments, I will escape and enjoy the small things… or at least reflect on them.

I have always been a creative soul and I feel like I'm in the middle of a creative tornado... Spending mad money on anything crafty and everything decorative.. creating like crazy, shopping like crazy and discovering new things all the time... something is always in the whirlwind. There is always time to be creative, express what I adore and explore what I love. It's the beauty in simple things that I love the most. This is my little corner to share with you those little things.

Join me, in my adventures won’t you?