Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spotlight Superstore!!!

So I caught up with my girlfriend Kylie for some much needed time away from the kids :) I dropped Max to kinder and Ben looked after Jayden for me while I went and indulged in some YUMMMMYYY Max Brenner waffles with chocolate, strawberries & icecream and a cookies and cream shake oooohhhh delicious!! Just what I needed!! Thanks to my wonderful husband Ben for having the kids and thanks to the beautiful Kylie for such lovely company :)

I then headed to the craft superstore spotlight which was a HUUUGGGEEE mistake lol. I wanted to pick up some supplies for the family tree I'm making for Ben's grandparents and ended up nearly buying the whole shop ekkk!! 

I have spent the afternoon reorganizing my craft table to fit all the new goodies I picked up at spotlight. I also started gluing sticks together to form my family tree, looks so good so far and can't wait to get some leaves onto it :)
I'll post a sneak peak pic at my wonderful craft table that my awesome husband put together using kitchen cabinets and a wooden table top! There is cupboards and draws on 3 sides with loads of space for all my crafty stuff :) I'm such a lucky wife! 
I am still in the processes of painting the bottom boards and I want to add some chalkboard paint to the front so I can write on it but It's still a work in progress & trying to find the time lol