Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where's my babies gone!

The kids have grown up sooo much. Max is talking to me like a little adult and has horrible attitude at the best of times but its the cute little things he does that I can't help but smile. His latest thing at the moment is "are you so proud of me mum, I'm proud of you" its just adorable. and only a couple of days ago I sent him to his room for being naughty, he stopped crying and I could hear what I thought was him playing but later that night when I put him to bed, as I walked into the room he said "do you like it mum, its clean, are you proud of me" I asked him when he cleaned it and he said "in naughty time" it makes you melt.

Jayden well he's become quite the terror. He has 2 little teeth on the bottom and he started commando shuffling backwards then slowly crawling but within the last couple of weeks he's found his muscles and his feet and now climbs up on everything and furniture walks. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and loves playing with cords, if there's none out he manages to find them lol. He is just sooooo inquisitive, you can see him thinking to himself how he's going to get something. He laughs and smiles every time he's being naughty, you just can't get mad, he's a little suck! He has so many cute noises and thinks he can sing to the radio in the car but it just sounds like screaming to me lol. He is definitely keeping me on my toes, especially when daddy is gone. He is the biggest daddy's boy you'll ever come across, it's just adorable the 2 of them when Ben's home. Lucky for me he's starting child care on the 11th Oct so that should keep him busy and give me time to do the things I need to. It's going to be hard letting him go, I didnt put max in care until he was nearly 3 and that was hard enough lol. But I know it will be good for Jayden to get used to different environments and different people caring for him.

Anyways as usual I have taken sooo many photo's of the kids but there are just way to many to even pick a few favs.. If you wanna check out the latest they are on my website;

the latest photos are in the album 'My Boys' 

Fiona xx

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