Wednesday, September 28, 2011


OMG!! where do I start.
Well dad was visiting from Indo and Ben was due to fly out again so we decided to stay someone for some time away from the kids which we hadn't had since Jayden being born. 
So on May 1st 2010 to be exact lol we stayed at Kudos Villas ( which are absolutely gorgeous, we stayed at the diversion property.

Anyway he'd booked a massage for me and it was so nice just to relax especially soaking in that divine spa. We were sitting on the couch after my massage and we were just watching tv and talking. I had slightly mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to get married so I was saying I would much rather to buy a love couch like the one we were sitting on then have a ring on my finger haha just cos the couch is so expensive anyway the sneaky bugger put his hands in his pocket and said "a ring like this".
I was in shock. He then said will you marry me. I remember saying to him straight away "You shithead, how did you hide this from me" lol but of course I said "Yes"

The ring is gorgeous and is so sparkly, I love it, it's very me! I always have people commenting on how nice it is. I guess I'll share some pics with you tehehe.

It has a matching wedding band which is just stunning to!! but have to wait for that one until 

May 6th 2012
Pretty much once I have covered all my catch up blogs it's going to be wedding post after wedding post until the wedding hehe I'm so excited!! I'll tell you all about it in another post.

Fiona xx

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