Thursday, September 29, 2011

Facebook, Friends & Drama

With out going into it to much. It just dawned on me that people I care and respect and thought cared and respected me just don't. I got sick of it so deleted my facebook as I hate the lack of privacy. couple months ago I deleted all my friends, photos and everything off it and only today have decided to start accepting people again but it is a fresh start for me and I am not having any one that doesn't care about me, it is purely for a few close friends and family that I wish to keep in contact with. 

I have recently made the decision I am not wasting my time anymore and have slowly started eliminating those people from my life. I am so happy with my life and care about Ben and the kids, they are my number one and I won't let others make me un happy which in turn effects my family.

Fiona xx

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