Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Low Down & Accommodation

So now we've picked a day to get married we have pretty much decided how we'd like the whole thing to go. We want a private destination wedding with mainly family and a few friends. The ceremony will be on the beach on the gold coast and the reception so to speak at the accommodation we are staying at. It will be an 11am ceremony followed by a catered lunch.

Clare is going to be my maid of honour and John is going to be best man and there partners are coming too. 
We have booked accommodation at Acqua Amalfi Manson it is absolutely gorgeous, so the 6 of us will stay there for a week and this is also where we are having our catered lunch after the wedding ceremony.

I'll post some pics but heaps more when you click the link.

I am so excited. Dad and Hilda are having the kids at different accommodation at Ashmore Palms Holiday Village so that it gives Ben and I some privacy and it is better suited the kids as there are so many cool things for them to do. They have lots there including;
  • 2 swimming lagoons
  • Playground
  • Full size tennis court
  • Barbecue areas
  • Garden walkways
  • Bird aviaries
and that is only some features. Max will have so much fun and Jayden will have heaps of space to run a muck!

Well I'll update you on more wedding stuff in another another post =)

 Fiona xx

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