Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Ceremony

We have booked our ceremony transport, stylist, celebrant and our photographer. We are really excited and glad that we are really all under way

We are planning to head up to the gold coast in Dec to meet with everyone to make sure everything runs smoothly and we can go through exactly what we envision for our wedding day. It also means Ben and I get a week holiday for our anniversary at the same time! thanks dad for baby sitting =) 
Our Celebrant Candy is just lovely to talk to. I can't wait to meet her and am so glad she is going to be our Celebrant, she's really going to make sure we are looked after =)

Ben wanted a white Jaguar for our wedding transport, it looks really nice and even better with the nice white wedding ribbon hehe. Clare and I will arrive at the ceremony in it and Ben and I will taken back to our reception.. It will look fabulous in the photos. Hire company is Kenz Classic
Beautiful Beach Weddings is styling our wedding, they have some amazing work and take the stress out of our day by styling the wedding, even helping with guests, playing music and helping with the over all running's of the wedding and they take it all away at the end. We have a vision for our ceremony and they can for fill that with all there hire decorations. I can't wait to meet with them in December to finalize all the ceremony decor. I also purchased my diy save the dates from them and they look great, you'll have to wait for a later post with pics =P

Our photographer is probably the most important to us as we would really love to capture our day and all it's special moments. We originally didn't think about video but we are now doing that also. Him and his wife do the photography and his brother the video. He's such a lovely man that's really taken the time to find out about us so he can capture us in the best way. He's helped creating a package to suit us and is also more then happy to help with any other wedding preparation on his end as we are so far away. I originally found him from my celebrants website so they have recommended each other so it's worked out well =)

I never realised how much organising goes into a wedding, especially a destination one. But I'm just so excited to meet with everyone and I've also have booked my hair stylist and makeup artists and will have a trial in Dec on our anniversary so I will have nice hair and makeup to go to a nice romantic dinner =) 
Anyways I'll update some more in next post.

Fiona xx

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