Thursday, September 29, 2011

Save the Dates

So yesterday afternoon I decided to complete my save the dates. Ben and I decided we wanted to do something a little different so we went with doing a love story save the date and then rolling them up and putting them in a message in a bottle to keep the beach theme going. It was a fun little activity and Max sat with me and punched holes in paper while Jayden was in bed.

I pre made one the other day to get an idea of what I wanted. I also filled all the bottles with sand and shells ready for when I decided to make them. I set up my station and was ready to go.. the light is horrible in some pics and they were only taken from the phone so quality not crash hot but you'll get the idea. 

 Station all set up with sissors, hot glue gun, stanly knife, cutting board, ruler and all the little bits and pieces for the save the dates like the star fish and shells. I printed out the save the dates onto white shimmery metallic paper, cut them down to size. Also printed the names onto the same paper to make little tags for each guest. 

Our save the date quirky wording 

I rolled up some of the save the dates and cut up all the name tags and punched holes in them.

 I hot glue gunned the star fish to the tags

 Max having fun punching holes in paper =)

I tied rafia string to the rolled up save the date so it becomes easy to pull them out. I went around the neck of the bottle a few times with the string then threaded through the name tags and a shell slice and hot glue gunned the end of the rafia to the back of the bottle.

 Corks on an voilĂ !!
 Just another view of the finished product.

All done, I had fun making them and excited to send them off. 
Thanks to Beautiful Beach Weddings for suppling all the DIY which included; glass bottles, mailing tubes, sand, shells, starfish and the rafia string. they turned out great!! 

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