Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video Blog

I am dedicating this blog entry to all the wonderful memories with my beautiful kids and just some of the silly things they do! A life time of memories to cherish forever.
I will be updating this blog post as new videos are taken of their special moments. 
The videos from the top are most recent.
If you want to view the videos larger, you can click on the YouTube logo and it will take you directly to

Daddy!! 31/08/11

Jayden and Max playing on the floor. 19/08/11

So cute, Jayden loved playing with bubbles 18/08/11

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy 16/08/11

Just starting to crawl. 14/08/11

Playing Hide and Seek 21/07/11

Jayden Laughing at Max 14/7/11

 My head makes sound, haha he was fascinated by the sound his head makes when running it down the tv unit haha 14/7/11

Jaydens little bum wiggle before he started crawling properly 11/7/11

 Dad taking me for a walk 05/07/11

2 Sick kids, plenty of sharing (germs) and max singing twinkle twinkle and ABC (not necessarily right haha)
So Cute!! 28/06/11

Caught max doing some silly thing had to take a video lol 13/06/11

Jayden and his 3 day spitting phase, thank god it was only a phase lol 13/06/11

Weeeee, Max and dad having fun =) 12/04/11

Jayden thinking it's funny to kick himself lol 31/03/11

Max and uncle Jac dancing lol 27/03/11

Talking to dad on the phone while he's away, pretty cute! 21/01/11

So cute. Jayden with hiccups days after he's born 31/12/10

Poppa playing funnies with max 03/12/10

Cool Dude - Nowra 02/11/10

Sliding down the big slide 29/07/10

Max blowing raspberries on mummys leg, so funny 13/01/10

So funny! this was taken 04/01/10

Max's funny laugh 17/10/09

Grr Max, more cute noises from my child lol October 09

Max's first christmas 25/12/08

Max's commando crawl. anything to get to the music lol December 08

 Max making the funniest noises while playing on the floor October 08

Max laughing himself sick while jumping haha. October 08

Only months old max making a poo face June 08

Fiona xx

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