Friday, May 18, 2012

QLD Trip

Ok so it's been a while since I blogged, it has been a crazy chaotic time and I am trying to time manage everything as of late. Well the most exciting news of all is I AM NOW THE HAPPY MRS MCGREGOR!!! Ben and I finally tied the knot and I can tell you it was and is the most amazing thing! I am so happy in love and everything went well, it was just simply perfection :)

Before I get into a wedding blog with a sneak peek of some of the photo's from the day I thought I would do an over view blog of the QLD trip itself.

It was an amazing time with amazing people :) We shopped, we wined, we dined, went swimming, we jet skied, faris wheeled, mini golfed and so so much more. I wanted to share some pictures with you! It was so memorable and something I have all our friends to be thankful for :)

Pics of the house we rented for the week

Jet Ski and Lunch

Mini Golf

Ben and I 

Few random photos

So the pictures of the kids are separate to these ones, I will try and have them uploaded to the actual blog photo gallery when I catch up on that. The kids had a ball staying with poppy, grandma and grandpa at the Ashmore family holiday park :) They went swimming, played in the park, visited the wildlife park and so much more while they were there :)
Will get onto a Wedding day blog soon 

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