Monday, April 30, 2012

My Hen's Night

So I had my hens night on Saturday night :)
Well since I had that blow out with Nicole all the original hens night plans went out the window and I was ready to not do anything else because I couldn't be bother but Ben decided to book a room at crown Metropol :) and Clare and Jess did the rest of the organising! It's exactly what I needed, I had an amazing night with amazing friends, I couldn't ask for anything better. It was Clare, Jess, Karina, Jaime and Myself and it was just perfect.
We stayed at Metropol on new years so it was fun to head back :) We filled up our room sink with ice and all our alcohol and chilled there until we were ready to head out! most of our photo taking was in the room so here are the pics but overall a brilliant night :) Thanks Girls xoxo

and of course our coffee club breakfast in the morning! just a tad seedy!! haha

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