Sunday, April 8, 2012

Clare's Birthday!!

Ok well with all this talk about wedding we cannot forget that it is Clare's birthday the day we come home. I feel horrible enough that she has to spend the whole day travelling, not fun!
I don't want her to go forgotten so I have made her a special present. It's not big but it will mean a lot to her. I will be giving it to her a little early so she can use it in QLD.

It's starting to become far from summer here but in QLD it is starting to warm up.
I thought to make a summer pack. I visioned sitting and relaxing by the pool on a hot day in QLD where we will be together a few days before her birthday.

Included was a beach towel, a magazine, some sunscreen and a packet of summer fruit juice lollies. I put them all in recycled manchester packaging, tied some ribbon around to make a bow and I will add a card.  I think it looks great and she'll love it. 7 years of friendship, she's very special to me :)

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