Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6 Months!!! wowza!!

Ok so it's been six months from the last post I did and I tell you want.. SOOOO much has happened. The last I left off was that we just moved into a new house and Ben was on his journey to PNG for the second time. Well all that was fine, a few more riots and attacks, but something to be expected of that country. On a better note since then he has found a new job in Australia YAY!! so he left a week ago and guess what... he's home in a week, so yup that means a 2/2 week roster!! It's going to be so much better for the kids and me. He also has a lot better communication and I at least know he's safe in Aus. He also likes it a lot better, the company is more organised, pays better, closer, safer, etc so he's been a lot less stressed and a lot more happy which makes for a happier me hahaha.

Well aside from all that there's so much else that has gone on in the last 6 months. I have a list of things I want to put in separate blogs just so I don't clutter this post with to much. some of which includes;
  • My business is going well, I enjoy doing it.
  • Ben proposed.. so yes I'm engaged and have picked a wedding date =)
  • The kids have grown up so much, especially Jayden with all his new milestones
  • Facebook, friends and drama oh it never ends hahah
Have a lot to cover so better get writing
Fiona xx

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