Sunday, March 27, 2011

So much since the last.

Okay so pretty much we found a house, we've moved and settled in. Ben's away on journeys again. Last time he was a way they had a major riot with the locals breaking into the compound and a lot of people were injured. He didnt want to tell me about it while he was there because he knew it would stress me out. I feel very un easy now that he's gone again, If he takes to long in replying to messages I automatically freak out. 

But so far things have been ok.. On the home front Ash a new friend I have made here in Ballarat is lovely who come's and keeps me company. We take the kids to the play center to let them have a run around. It helps in a town I know nothing about nor where anything is to at least have a friend.

I have also decided to take on a new business adventure making baby blankets. I had a few made for Jayden but I now want to share my idea's around and sell them to other people. My website is I have been soooo busy trying to set that up that the time Ben has been gone has gone a little bit quicker. 

Also we've put Max into a school and he absolutely loves it, he was getting so cooped up at home but glad he has something he looks forward to. He'll also be starting swimming next term, so that also will be very exciting for him. He turns 3 in a couple of weeks, oh how they grow up so quickly, he's my little baby =S 

Well anyway just wanted to finally do an update. 
I've also half finished Jaydens surf theme nursery, I ended up getting the two tone furniture and I love it. Now all it needs is a few wall hangings and maybe a rug.

Theres a nice ladder shelf and wardrobes on the other side of the room but forgot to take photos, once it's done I'll take some more.

Anyways I really need to add some updated photo's of the kids on the website so I better do that. 

Fiona xx

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