Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We have a plan

So it's been nearly 2 weeks since Ben left and things are doing ok. It got a little hard in the middle there for a bit because Ben's computer decided to shit it self and pretty much it was 80% of how we kept in contact but he managed to get the IT guy to fix it =)

We have finally come up with a plan for the future and where we want to be to raise the children. It was a little confusing for awhile because of numerous factors like money, timing, family, etc but for now we have a plan even if it doesn't work out it's something to look forward to and focus on right now.
Once Ben gets back I'm heading back to Nowra. If the house doesn't sell which we don't think it will considering christmas, new year and now Australia wide floods it's just def a hectic time but anyway..
If it doesn't Ben consolidates all his loans into one and we go through the process of trying to rent it out so we can move permanently to Perth =) I might be there for 6 months or so but at least I'm out of this hectic household here at mums and I can get Max back into the same school he was in hopefully.
If the house does sell then we are going to hopefully have a 3 month settlement and in that time we will look for rentals in Perth and be there within 3 month..
Either way we are moving to Perth yay!! =) bring on the beach. We've done a little research into some areas so far we are looking at Rockingham, Mandurah or surrounding areas in between.

I've also made the step into organising a mediation session for Leigh and I so I can order drug testing before he see's Max again since I found out he is doing drugs while Max is in his care. Aside from the drugs I have to constanly chase up child support, so I can't be bothered anymore. Also works in my favour because I am 100% possitive he will fail the test so makes it easier to move to Perth. If he does become clean he has family in Perth so he can come see Max there.

anyways the kids are doing well but def missing daddy! but yeah other than that, that's all for now.

Fiona xx

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