Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blow Out!!

WARNING!! This will be mostly whinging!!! If you don't wanna hear it don't read it!!

So I had a huge blow out with Nicole yesterday! Things have been awkward lately and 20 days until my big day I really needed her support. Because I felt I was getting the opposite and she was meant to be my bridesmaid I approached her about it. I couldn't ignore it or bottle it up anymore! Well I found myself completely shocked and extremely taken back by her reaction! I only really have one way to put it... Jekyll & Hyde. I was astound by the utter most nastiest words that were coming out of what I though was a wonderful friend. I have bent over backwards and have given everything into this friendship and could not believe that being honest could get such horrible backlash or behaviour.
Never in my life have I spoken to or been spoken to in such a way and there is NO possible way to overcome this! There are simply just certain words and nasty things you can not take back or expect to be forgotten. I hold my dignity through out the entire argument and not once acted out in a outrageous manner! I did not at all deserve to be treated or spoken to the way I did and right now I'm just mostly still in shock about the whole thing! It amazes me the lack of respect I received. You must have integrity no matter how angry you get and I found that Nicole's was far from evident! I am still receiving spiteful text messages that I wish would stop but on the other hand I am grateful that I have managed to see this side of her sooner then later!
In saying all of that I am now honestly the happiest I can be as I am 20 days away of marrying the man I love and now nothing will get in the way. I look forward to a wonderful positive future :)

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