Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy B'day Jess!!

Ok so I was having a moment and was feeling a little useless last time I blogged but I couldn't be better! I have a wonderful family and friends who support me and uni well it's crazy and challenging but it's great to. It's only going to be a quick one as I really need to start walking out the door but thought I'd leave with some photos from over the weekend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!! I hope you had a fabulous day, I had an amazing time with amazing people!! Long live wonderful memories :)

It was an awesome St Patrick's day theme birthday :)
On the amazing people note, I'm not even sure if I've blogged but Nicole, Cory, Jess and Jarrod are now coming to my wedding and I'm soo excited not long now!! I miss Clare bear terribly too :( can't wait to be sun baking with them all in just over 6 weeks :)

For Jess's b'day present we organised flights for her to no where else but QLD, she really wanted to be there for us at the wedding and it was the only thing that I could think of as she's the girl that wants nothing and has everything hehehe :) so this was perfect and I was happy, she absolutely loved it :)

I printed up her itinerary and popped it in an envelope. I then designed a boarding pass style card/message and attached it to the front of the envelope, it looked great.

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