Thursday, February 23, 2012

A bit of a nughty one

Ok so this is a bit of a naughty one!! My friend Nicole is having a 'Go With The Flow' party which is basically adult sex toys and so forth, its surprisingly a lot of fun and a great laugh. We made some naughty nibbles today which included some boobies cupcakes and also we tried something a little different as well which were cake push pops. I already had the containers which I have yet to try out so this was a bit exciting to :) Nicole put layers of cake and icing then on top she has molded a penis head out of fondant. I printed up some stickers and put them across the front, it's pretty funny and meant to be a little naughty hahaha!I then just covered a tissue box with paper and added some stickers to say enjoy me!

The good thing about push pops is you can do soo many different things with them. They have become a huge thing in the US and the trend is spreading nation wide :)

These are a little more on the experienced side but another example below.. pretty cute!

Hope you enjoyed a little naughty blog

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