Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wedding Planner

Only 14 weeks until our big day, it is unbelieveable how quickly last year went it's crazy. Not long now until the most exciting day to come so I have been doing last minute organising which has been really fun. I just wanted to share with you how much of a god send my wedding planner has been. I have used it throughout the whole planning process, every ounce of information is stored inside so I don't forget a thing. I'm super crazy over organisational items and even more so over personalised things. I'd say this is one of the cutest and best things and it wll become a lovely keepsake :)

I bought the folder from zazzle.com and created the pagess inside myself to write down all my inforation to suit how I liked it on word and then printed it up and hole punched it and inserted it into my folder along with some tabs. Looks and works great only wish I bought a thicker folder, it's over flowing haha!

 Front of my Planner and down the spine has our names and date we are getting married and the back of my Planner has a picture of us with "when happily ever after begins" on it.. Nawww! haha
I bought insert tabs from ebay and then also put some plastic pockets in for all those other random things you find you collect, like receipts and brochures. Each page was created on word by me with all the information I wanted it to have. I have pages for all different things like invitations, guest list, budget, attire, beauty, flowers, photography, ceremony, etc and each page is personalaised at the bottom of the page :)

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