Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't like being Sick! :(

Ok so it's been a while, Ben left today but is only gone a week this time. He ended up getting sick the night before he had to leave and by the time we had to leave for the airport in the morning he was vomiting everywhere. It was def not a pretty sight :( Then a couple days later you guessed it, I ended up sick. Luckily the kids haven't seem to have caught it, fingers crossed, touch wood lol. I'm starting to feel better but still not 100%.

I'm excited that our holiday is ONLY 12 DAYS AWAY!!! YAY!!!
I can't believe how quickly it has come. Come to think of it this whole year has flown by. It's my birthday tomorrow wowza!!

I have been making new nifty things for work which is a bit exciting to :) 
All the new pics are on my Facebook.com/CuddleUpKids and CuddleUpKids.com.au I've made my first soft toy photo book and wall bunting :)

Also a bit excited about Xmas coming up being Jayden's first Xmas and Jayden's First B'day the day after. Jayden is such a guts so we picked the appropriate theme of the Cookie Monster Yum Yum!! I bought some cookie monster balloons and decorations. Ben wants to make his cake so he's going to do a number 1 but I ordered some cookie monster cupcakes from a lady around the corner, they look so scrumptious and cute :)

 I will post pics of Jayden's other decoration once he's had his party.
I also ordered some Christmas cupcakes which are adorable to. 

Well so much stuff to do 

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