Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The time has come and gone again.

Ben's been home and is now off on his travels again. It doesn't get any easier each time he leaves us. If you had of asked me a couple years ago whether I could see myself dealing with the distance the answer would have been no. Sometimes I have great strength and other times I feel like I'm falling apart. I guess there's just great sacrifice for love and it's not everyday people can do it which makes me more proud of my determination to keep a great relationship that I do have, strong.

With all that said, Jayden started day care since the last time I blogged. Yesterday was his second day and I think he's enjoying it so far. He seems to be liking the new environment and playing with all the toys but its still hard to let him go when i drop him off. I wish I could get him in the same center Max is in but there are no spots available just yet.

It's Bens birthday soon and have no idea what to do. I normally have something up my sleeve but so lost for ideas :S

Wedding plans are coming along nicely, invitations are nearly all done just have to collect some information and brochures on our Dec pre wedding trip. I haven't even sent out all the save the dates yet but talk about being ahead with all the planning wow!!

Anyways it's getting late and I'm feeling drowsy! Night!

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