Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Well Ben might be coming home early, not 100% sure yet but hopefully find out by the end of the day. The compound he was at is having trouble with government agreements so basically the place is shut down for awhile until it's all sorted. Which obviously means Ben's not needed out there. In the mean time Ben's been flown back to Port Moresby for a little induction training he missed out on and is staying in this gorgeous hotel, it's cute he feels guilty that he's there pool side soaking up the sun while I'm here struggling with the kids. I been having trouble with Jayden sleeping at night but last night he decided to sleep 6 hours straight but mind you I'm not feeling all that rested. Anyways I'm keeping my fingers crossed about Ben and about to watch some army wives. so I'm outta here.

Fiona xx

Airways Hotel Port Moresby (so jealous)

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